Frequently asked Questions.

Where can I get Ora products?

You are in the right place. The only way to get an Ora product is to place the order on Shopify's secure online e-commerce site, Ora does not have a reseller. If you see them elsewhere, they are not our products and will not be certified.

Can I give it as a gift or have it delivered to a different address than the billing address?

Yes quite ! When you place your order, you will have the option to choose a delivery address different from the billing address. You can therefore have the product delivered to the desired address, whether for yourself or to give it as a gift.

How much is shipping ?

Delivery costs $20, per item, for all orders delivered in Quebec. Note that Ora assumes more than 50% of the delivery costs, which explains the low cost for the customer. For curbside orders, additional delivery charges may apply.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

Barring exceptional circumstances, you should receive your order within 5 to 7 business days.

Can I take advantage of a promotion or promotional code on Ora?

No, and for the sake of transparency and goodwill towards you, our pricing policy aims to preserve the value of your Ora product and to maintain a close relationship of trust with you. Don't wait for Boxing Day, don't look for a promo code, the price displayed here is the real price!

Do fireplaces emit heat?

No, they don't emit heat, they only imitate the glow of a wood stove.

Do the fireplaces emit sound?

The homes are not equipped with speakers. However, it is possible to add a crackling sound and even other natural or musical ambiances with background noise using the Oramood application by inserting a phone or tablet. For an improved experience, use a portable Bluetooth speaker, place it near the fireplace and listen to the ambiances of the Oramood application.

Who is the home for?

It was designed to enhance the ambiance of the children's room in the most beautiful way. But even adults and the elderly appreciate its presence.

Are Ora homes safe for our children?

First of all, it is important to clarify that fire pits are not toys and are not designed for the child to interact with them. It is therefore the duty of adults to supervise their use. Our homes are safe and have been tested for several months in family households and daycare centers without any incident. All electronic components comply with at least CE, or even UL, safety standards. Additionally, our homes are very energy efficient. In fact, consumption amounts to only 2 to 3 dollars per year, even if the light remains on all the time.

Are Ora fireplaces plugged into an electrical outlet or are they battery operated?

They plug into the wall, and a switch turns them on and off directly from the power cord. Good to know, Ora only consumes $2 to $3 of electricity per year even without ever turning it off.

Is home a game?

No, the fireplace is a decorative, atmospheric and unifying object. It's a meeting place and a place to play nearby, but the product was not designed to be played with or even be the center of a room. We suggest explaining to the child not to touch it or turn it on or off. We recommend installing the fireplace against the wall.

Can I leave my fireplace on all day?

Yes, the fireplace can be lit continuously without any risk, and it consumes very little energy. However, we still recommend turning it off to extend the life of the light, estimated at over 40,000 hours.

Where are the fireplaces made?

Our fireplaces are proudly designed and manufactured here in Quebec in the Lanaudière region.

Are Ora products covered by a warranty?

Yes, all our products are covered by a full one-year warranty. View our policies .

Is delivery fast?

Yes, delivery is very fast, approximately 5-7 working days, because if we do not sell the product we do not have it in inventory. No bad surprises here.

Are Ora fireplaces and accessories easy to assemble?

Yes, however, it is the duty of an adult to assemble the product and ensure the safety of children, as there may be risks. We invite you to consult the assembly manuals as well as the warnings.

How do I manage the different lighting modes in my home?

To get the glow that mimics that of a fire, simply turn it off and on, using the switch, until you reach your preferred lighting mode.

What is the return policy?

Write to us at, and together we will determine the nature of the problem, then we will tell you the procedure for returning the product. You also have 30 days after purchase to get a refund if your product is intact and returned in the original box. Return costs are your responsibility. Check out the Policies to find out everything.

For any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us!