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The Ora factory is located in the Lanaudière region and is managed by Paul, an exceptional cabinetmaker and entrepreneur. When Mathieu Cloutier, the Ora founder, approached him, Paul was about to become a grandfather, and he quickly believed in the project and joined the adventure. The manufacturing of wood stoves could not be in better hands, and every day, her granddaughter enjoys the comforting ambiance of her stove.

The steel chimneys we use are manufactured in the Maritimes and painted locally by an automotive craftsman. The logs and structural pillars are made of maple, coming from a Quebec sawmill, then machined on site. The panels are entirely made of cherry plywood.

All our products are meticulously designed to last, thanks to their timeless design and the exceptional quality of materials and assembly techniques.


Getting closer to nature, to oneself and to others, is what we advocate through the Ora approach. There is so much to discover while playing in the forest, there is so much to discover in oneself and in others through simple unprogrammed gestures, uninfluenced by screens and fashions, gestures that cannot be bought.

We believe that it is possible to live according to one's aspirations in each present moment, that by letting go of the outside, the outside comes to us in the most beautiful way.

The Ora project is the unanticipated fruit of this philosophy which transformed a beautiful story into a company with the ambitious mission of contributing to the well-being of parents and children in an authentic approach.


Behind the Ora approach, there is the story of a little 4-year-old boy, who, following the separation of his parents and a move, asked his dad if they were going to have a wood stove in their home.
new condo surrounded by forest. This child had memories near a wood stove at the cottage and made a connection between his new home surrounded by nature and the wood stove.

The father saw in this request the opportunity to create a soothing bedroom for his children by adding a small wood stove that he designed and made with his own hands.

This dad is Mathieu, the founder of Ora.


In December 2022, Bien-être Ora Inc. was born from the meeting between Mathieu Cloutier and Janie Provencher, two creative minds passionate about well-being and returning to basics. Their ambition was sparked by the magic of a miniature stove that Mathieu had created for his children and which inspired the design of a marketable version.

Mathieu brings to the company solid experience in business and brand development as well as a passion for innovation. As for Janie, an industrial designer, she shares with Mathieu the deep desire to create a company that integrates well-being and a return to basics in its DNA. His enterprising and dynamic spirit, as well as his experience in the design of wooden toys for children, promise a fruitful collaboration.

The Ora fireplace, the first product in the Ora range, was designed with a focus on wood, fire, acoustics, design and technology. These elements are at the heart of the DNA of Bien-être Ora Inc., which advocates a return to the essential, to well-being and timelessness. The company values ​​authentic experience and the use of sustainable materials to ensure the quality and durability of its products.

They are determined to spread their mission and vision on a global scale by offering a range of products and experiences that warm hearts and reconnect us to what is essential.