First step with Ora!

A little effort before comfort!
Do you have 30 minutes to spare? It's the perfect time to cozy up with some herbal tea and assemble your household.

First make sure that all the components are present. If anything is missing or you have any questions, email us.

An enhanced experience with the Oramood subscription!

  • Tablet and phone integration to amplify sound.

    All Ora wood stove models are equipped with a notch to accommodate a phone and even a tablet on the side, for the Nordik and the Origin.
    Tip: If you have an old phone, plug it in and place it in the fireplace notch, then let it play your sound accompanied by your favorite crackle. You will have the impression of being in the presence of a real wood stove!

  • Like on the edge of a real wood stove.

    Connect Ora to your Bluetooth speaker, place the speaker near the fireplace and let our content play continuously. Children love falling asleep to the crackling of the simulated fire and the soft, fire-like glow emitted by the Ora fireplace.

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