Our traditions.

Inspired by our Nordic traditions, our range of fireplaces recreates the warm atmosphere of a wood stove in your children's bedroom. Safe and ecological, they emit no heat and reproduce the glow of the fire very realistically.

They are not toys; they are specially designed to fit harmoniously into the room and offer a reassuring and constant presence to your children. They create a gathering space, conducive to creativity, a place to reconnect with yourself, others and nature, far from screens.


Symbol of here, it creates a magical atmosphere in your child's room as only a real wood stove could do.

It's even possible to stream crackles, stories and more with the Oramood app.


Whether to read, play, invent stories or simply relax, it stimulates the imagination and creativity.

It is also a unifying place to meet up with family or friends.


Day and night, it is comforting and soothing. It can even be of great help for a short nap or a long sleep.

It is safe and does not emit heat.


The Ora home is the ideal companion to help your children fall asleep peacefully in a magical world.

Ora provides a feeling of security by acting as a night light. The crackling sound of the Ora app creates white noise that is known to promote regular, restful sleep.

Ora fireplaces chase away the darkness in the most beautiful way!


The app also features a variety of bird sounds designed to create a gentle and joyful wake-up call. Although you can't program the time yet, you can activate it at the desired time and explain to your children that they need to wait for the birds to sing before getting out of bed. A great way to teach patience or gently wake them up thanks to the beauty of nature.